About the Pageant
Gift of the Waters
Historical Indian Pageant
About the Pageant
The "Gift of the Waters"  is a historic Indian Pageant held in Thermopolis, Wyoming the first weekend in August of every year.  Singing, dancing, "The Lord's Prayer" in Native sign language, and a moving scene where an archer sends an arrow into the heavens make up this memorable ceremony.  In 1897,  Shoshone Chief Washakie entered into an agreement with the U.S. Government to sell a ten-mile square of land surrounding the Big Horn Hot Springs (now known as the "Big Spring").  This is not a reinactment but a Pageant written by Marie Montabe, based on this event: a beautiful celebration of music, dance, and comraderie between two nations.

The "Gift of the Waters Pageant" is a non-profit organization dedicated to the continuation of the program presented by members of the Shoshone Nation and community members from the town of Thermopolis.  The funding for this Pageant is provided entirely by donations by generous people and businesses.  Please consider making a donation to this unique and historical celebration.


About the Pageant
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